May 23, 2015

I found out about Bella through social media and immediately knew that I wanted to work with her. At the time she had just a few shoots under her belt, but I could see great potential in her modeling career. So I went ahead and contacted her but wasn’t sure if working together could become a reality, especially since she lives 2 hours away from Pittsburgh. When she said she was able to work with me and could make the trip out, I was ecstatic and started planning out all of the details.

To add diversity to her portfolio, I wanted to create two looks for her: edgy and ethereal. Not many models can pull off two extremely contrasting looks, but Bella transformed seamlessly from a leather jacket wearing tough girl to a whimsical boho bride.

I knew of a small town near Pittsburgh that has seen better days, so being a lover of decay and abandonment I naturally gravitated toward this location for some edgy looks. I had pre-scouted the location prior to the shoot to get a feel for the vibe of the location and light direction, but on the day of the shoot I got an unexpected surprise. It turns out the one of the buildings in the location was abandoned and the door was wide open, leaving the range of possibilities endless and exciting. We shoot inside and outside of the building and got a great range of edgy looks. One of my favorite rooms in the building featured an old kitchen with brightly colored floral print wallpaper untouched from the 70s. I am always in awe by finding hidden gems untouched by time.

Next we got in the car and drove to the second location. Here I photographed Bella in a gorgeous white boho Free People dress. Her outfit was complete with a stunning floral crown generously provided by Carmel of Mt. Lebanon Floral. Colton worked his magic on Bella’s hair and created some beautiful looks with the floral crown. This was our final location of the day and we couldn’t have gotten there at a more perfect time. We got to shoot in that yummy golden hour light and wrapped up as the sun setting behind the forest. Bella looked like she was part of a boho goddess fairy tail, but I’ll let the images speak for themselves…

Photographer: Kaela Speicher Photography

Assistant: Brian Swed

Model: Bella Davison

Hair: Colton DeLong

Makeup: Adrienne Pace

Wardrobe: Kaela Speicher