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May 23, 2015

I found out about Bella through social media and immediately knew that I wanted to work with her. At the time she had just a few shoots under her belt, but I could see great potential in her modeling career. So I went ahead and contacted her but wasn’t sure if working together could become a reality, especially since she lives 2 hours away from Pittsburgh. When she said she was able to work with me and could make the trip out, I was ecstatic and started planning out all of the details.

To add diversity to her portfolio, I wanted to create two looks for her: edgy and ethereal. Not many models can pull off two extremely contrasting looks, but Bella transformed seamlessly from a leather jacket wearing tough girl to a whimsical boho bride.

I knew of a small town near Pittsburgh that has seen better days, so being a lover of decay and abandonment I naturally gravitated toward this location for some edgy looks. I had pre-scouted the location prior to the shoot to get a feel for the vibe of the location and light direction, but on the day of the shoot I got an unexpected surprise. It turns out the one of the buildings in the location was abandoned and the door was wide open, leaving the range of possibilities endless and exciting. We shoot inside and outside of the building and got a great range of edgy looks. One of my favorite rooms in the building featured an old kitchen with brightly colored floral print wallpaper untouched from the 70s. I am always in awe by finding hidden gems untouched by time.

Next we got in the car and drove to the second location. Here I photographed Bella in a gorgeous white boho Free People dress. Her outfit was complete with a stunning floral crown generously provided by Carmel of Mt. Lebanon Floral. Colton worked his magic on Bella’s hair and created some beautiful looks with the floral crown. This was our final location of the day and we couldn’t have gotten there at a more perfect time. We got to shoot in that yummy golden hour light and wrapped up as the sun setting behind the forest. Bella looked like she was part of a boho goddess fairy tail, but I’ll let the images speak for themselves…

Photographer: Kaela Speicher Photography

Assistant: Brian Swed

Model: Bella Davison

Hair: Colton DeLong

Makeup: Adrienne Pace

Wardrobe: Kaela Speicher



May 23, 2015

My shoot with Stacey Marie was an absolute dream to shoot. Although the Pittsburgh landscape is gorgeous with its rolling hills and leafy trees, I always become inspired by a new fresh environment. That’s exactly what Phipps Conservatory gave me. A new and exciting scene with palm trees, cactus, and exotic flowers as far as the eye could see. I’ve never been to L.A. but I kept getting some very strong L.A. vibes and it felt great that I only have to travel 15 minutes from home to get those vibes.

This was my first time working with Stacey and I gotta say, this girl nailed it. At times I found myself shooting from across the room halfway buried in a palm tree and not being able to give a lot of direction, but thankfully Stacey knew just what to do and did so with grace and style. Besides her amazing modeling abilities, she also has some of the raddest hair I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. One side of her head is shaved and it can be worn to the side to be exposed or with a middle part to be covered. Talk about versatility.

We started off by shooting some studio looks and went to Phipps to shoot some boho looks. My favorite outfit of the day included a gorgeous wine colored dress from Anthropologie. The red hue stuck out among all of the layers of green surrounding the model. Special thanks to my stylist Teeara for being able to get this dress for the shoot! We ended the day with some edgier looks outside of Phipps that created a well rounded set of images, backgrounds, and wardrobe.

Surreal day that resulted in some dreamy images, can’t get much better than that.


Photographer: Kaela Speicher Photography

Model: Stacey Marie Stockdill

Hair: Colton DeLong

Makeup: Shana Lohr

Wardrobe: Teeara Doner

May 23, 2015


I worked at ModCloth as a Creative Merchandising Photographer and had photographed Grace in our merch studio. Since our ModCloth days together I always knew that I wanted to work with her again, but I was just waiting for the perfect shoot and concept to roll around. Carmel of Mt. Lebanon Floral reached out to collaborate on a fashion themed floral shoot, and right away I knew that would be the perfect opportunity to shoot with Grace. She has a very refined elegant, timeless, and exotic look which inspired my floral fashion series “Exotic Elegance”.

My first thoughts were that I wanted this shoot to be shot in the studio, have a high fashion vibe, and also highlight Carmel’s immaculate floral arrangements. As I dug deeper into the the concept for the shoot I found an element that I just had to add into the mix: dry ice. I have never shot with dry ice before and I was in love with the dreamy fog like effect that it gives off. I did some research, pinned a few of my favorite dry ice inspiration looks, and started the search to find a local dry ice supplier. Low and behold I was able to purchase 15 pounds of it. Unaware of how the dry ice would react to studio lights and how long it would stay fresh in an insulated container in my garage, I was willing to take the risk and experiment (with safety precautions enforced of course). We saved the dry ice looks for last and I am so glad we did. At the end of the shoot the set was completely drenched in water! All worth it though. Grace was a trooper for working with the dry ice. The fog clouds only last a few seconds so posing quickly was very important. She nailed it.

Due to some tight scheduling, I wasn’t able to see the floral arrangements before I gathered the wardrobe.  I did mention to Carmel that I wanted to use grasses or plants that had pops of bright greens, so that is the only color I pre-planned for. I picked clothing that was earthy and had subtle hints of floral. I couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out. It all fell into place and I was in LOVE with the touches of metallic gold that Carmel painted added in. This lady is seriously a floral magician and I am so honored to do this shoot with her.

“Exotic Elegance” was featured on the popular floral blog, Botanical Brouhaha. Special thanks to Amy McGee for kindly featuring our shoot and being so supportive of me and Carmel’s collaborations. We had the honor of being featured in Botanical Brouhaha last year as well, which features our first collaboration fashion shoot with model Steph DeFelice. That shoot can be viewed here: I have found that one of the most rewarding parts of this industry is crossing paths with amazing people like Carmel and Amy throughout the journey. The post can be viewed here:

Floral Design: Mt. Lebanon Floral 

Photography, Retouching, Wardrobe: Kaela Speicher

Retouching Assistance: Leah Schonauer 

Hair: Natosha Durr

Makeup: Shana Lohr

May 23, 2015

I love working with new models. It all starts with being able to see their potential before the shoot happens and then pulling it all together to create a solid set of portfolio images for their book. This is one of those shoots where I worked with a brand new model, Doran Mauldin, and everything turned out better than I imagined. Don’t you just love when that happens? With Doran’s tall thin frame and long blonde hair, I knew that I wanted to create a diverse set of looks that have a laid back indie vibe throughout and range from professional to casual.

We started downtown with some formal business looks. I enjoyed the geometric compositions of the buildings and how the light was bouncing through the streets. We gave Doran a leather briefcase, a pair of black frame glasses, and had him cross the street for that “suave business man on the go” look. He nailed it.

Next we ventured to a large alley that runs through downtown Pittsburgh. I have to say that this was my favorite location of the day. There were some many possibilities with the length of the alley and various textures and weathered architectural elements scattered throughout. To my surprise there was steam that was rising through the alley that was perfectly backlit by the sun. One of those “at the right place at the right time” moments. I had Doran walk through the steam, which gave off a surreal and otherworldly effect and made for some incredible images.

After we were done shooting downtown, we ventured to an area of underpasses that is tucked in on the side of a busy highway. I became fascinated with this area because it is on my way home from my commute from work. Every time I drove by I enjoyed studying the light. It bounced and reflected off of the concrete walls and pillars of the underpass, creating geometric lines of light and shadow. Gritty grays created a color pallet that was urban and distressed. Perfect for shooting Doran with a more casual outfit and skateboard in hand. I knew he was in his element once we discovered a makeshift skateboard park right around the corner from where we were shooting.

Our final location was an area of Pittsburgh that is less traveled but filled with amazing industrial buildings that have seen the test of time. Here we found outfits that complemented the colors in the surroundings by using a pallet of rustic reds, greens, and blues. We got some great full body and close up head shots among the industrial landscape. After stumbling across a bike trail near the river, we broke out the skateboard again and Doran impressed us with his skateboarding skills- again I love the element of surprise. Doran skateboarding in the golden evening light created some epic lifestyle photos. I even impressed myself with my timing and caught him in mid air a few times. Needless to say, it was a lot fun to break it up and capture some big air. How many models can work a skateboard at the same time?

We wrapped up the shoot back in an alleyway flanked by a large old red brick warehouse building. This building caught my eye because there was a small cluster of trees growing out from the building that had just started to show their buds. I liked the contrast of the old industrial building with the fragile and sparse touch of nature making its way through. This was the last location of the day so the light was soft and diffused and made for some dreamy back lit shots.

Throughout the day we covered a lot of ground over the city and everything fell into place exactly as I imagined, but those extra elements of surprise took the shoot to the next level. A thumbs up for steam and skateboard tricks! A big thanks goes to my team for keeping everything organized and efficient. Of course, a huge thanks goes out to Doran for hanging in there with a long day of shooting and being able to flawlessly transform into every look we shot. Watch out modeling world, Doran has arrived!

Behind the scenes photos courtesy of my awesome intern and assistant Leah Schonauer. Check out her work at

Photography: Kaela Speicher Photography

Assistant: Leah Schonauer

Men’s Grooming: Hannah Donovan

Wardrobe Styling: Teeara Doner



May 29, 2014

I’ve spent well over a month planning this boho inspired fashion shoot with the talented models Cat Carney (signed to APM and the Talent Group), Steph DeFelice (signed to Docherty Agency) , and Giuliana Abate (agency represented model based in Raleigh, NC). My goal was to shoot at 3 different locations, with 4 sets of outfit changes, and 3 hair and makeup looks, and with my talented team we did just that! My vision for the shoot was edgy boho and I used clothing from ModCloth, Free People, and vintage items for outfitting. Liz Capuano and Heather Tabacchi did an amazing job assisting and keeping up with the fast pace of the shoot. Adrienne Pace provided spot on and long lasting makeup and Rachel Lynn Carr did a great job of working the hair, even with the changing weather conditions. Heather took behind the scenes images during the shoot, and I’m honored to show them off!