Now is the time to view your stunning new photos! From the photo cart you will be able to view, favorite, and eventually download your final edited photos. No more waiting on CDs or USB drives! Once your session is complete, I will send your photo cart link, password, and 4-digit pin download number for your personal gallery.  Your gallery will be password protected for your privacy and live for 2 weeks. Below is an easy step by step guide for viewing, selecting, and downloading.




Open Link:

To begin, simply copy and paste the photo cart link (provided by email) into your browser.  Next, you will need to enter your email and the password I provided. Once you are logged in, you will see a large cover photo with the name of your gallery.  Click on the white down arrow or scroll down to view the images from your session and get started!

Photographer’s Favorites:

The first group of images that appear in your gallery are the “Photographer’s Favorites”. To make the selection process easier, I hand pick what I feel is the absolute best of the best from your session. As you keep scrolling down, you’ll see a “View More” box. Click this box to see all of the images from your session.

All Photos:

Once you click on the “View More” box, you will see all of the gorgeous photos from your session. Got lost? If you go back up to your cover photo you will see “Photographer’s Favorites” and “All Photos” links. Just click a category and it will go straight to that section.


To view a photo larger, simply click on the photo. To advance to the next photo, click on the right/left arrows or use the arrow keys on your keyboard. There’s also a slideshow button at the top of the image. Click the button for the images to advance automatically. To get out of the single photo viewer, click on the “x” at the top right of the screen. Now you are a pro at navigating your gallery and can begin to pick out your favorites!




Heart It:

Save your favorite images by clicking on the heart icon located above each image.  This is an easy way to narrow down the images and keep track of what you like. You can come back to your gallery at any time before your expiration date to view and edit your favorite images. To remove a favorite, click on the heart icon at the top of the image and it will be removed. Don’t worry it is not deleted, it just won’t appear in your favorites.

Enter Email:

In order to start saving your favorites, please provide the email address of which you’ll be using to save your favorites in your gallery. Later on, this will be the same email a download ready link will be sent to as well.

Accessing Your Favorites:

If you’ve marked some photos as favorites, you’ll notice a heart icon at the top right corner under the cover photo. The number reflects how many photos are selected as your favorites. If you click on the heart icon under your cover photo, you will be directed to your favorites page. Here you can see all of your top picks and I will be able to see these too! To go back to your gallery, click on any of the links at the top of the page or click on the “More” button and select “Back to Photos”.

Making Your Final Selects:

Narrow down the images in your favorites to your final selection. All set with your selects in your favorites? Perfect! Send me an email to let me know you are finished making your selection, and I will get started with editing and retouching the stunning winners.


The Finished Images:

Once your images are finished being retouched, I will upload them to your gallery in a new category called “Finished Images”. To download your perfectly polished images, simply return to the main screen and locate the “Finished Images” category under your cover photo. Open the category and click on the download icon (downward arrow) in the top right corner.  Once you click the download icon, you will be redirected to a new screen and prompted to enter your email and the 4-digit pin you received with your personal gallery link. Simply enter your email and 4-digit pin, and a link will be sent to the address provided. Your files will download as a “zipped” folder.

Opening Files on a Mac:

To unzip a file or folder on a Mac, double-click the folder and it will automatically unzip the files.

 Opening Files on a PC:

To open a zipped file on a PC, drag the .zip attachment to the desktop. Once the file is on the desktop, you can double- or right-click to open it. Double-click the zipped file to see its contents. When prompted, drag the files out of the window to the desired location or click Extract All. When you click Extract All, the files are unzipped in the same location as the original file unless you specify a different one in the Select a Destination window.


Q: What is the best device to view the photo cart?

A: Your gallery is designed to work flawlessly on mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

Q: Why does my gallery have an expiration date?

A: All galleries expire after 2 weeks. This allows your order to stay on schedule for retouching and printing. Two weeks has always been just the right amount of time for clients to make selects, however if you need an extension we can put your gallery back up for $25/per extra day.

Q: Can I share my gallery and password with friends and family?

A: Yes, but be sure they use their own email address to log in. Otherwise your saved favorites run the risk of being changed!

Q: Can I take a screen shot of my gallery images?

A: All images in the photo cart are copyrighted by Kaela Speicher Photography. No copying, screen shots, social media, or downloading the photos from the photo cart in any way is permitted. You can only download the images if digital files are included in your package and I have emailed you the PIN for downloading access.

Q: I have downloaded my images and I see multiple versions of each image. What does this mean?

A: Most likely you have received each image is in 2 or all 3 formats- High Resolution, Social Media, and Web:

High Res -Highest resolution JPG in RGB, recommended for printing. If you intend on printing the images, please ask me for an image print release.

Social Media -For website/social media use. These images are sized down to 2000px and sharpened for viewing on a screen, great for Facebook and websites. Please do not crop out the logo as my work has been stolen on the web before (gotta love the digital age). For Facebook, please upload the images into a gallery and make sure the “high resolution” box is checked at the time of the upload, otherwise the quality will be extremely poor.

Web- These images are sized down to 2000px and sharpened for screen, but they do not include watermarks. These images can be used online for portfolios, but please give me photo credit where applicable.

You can see what format the images are in by looking at the image title, ex: “Kaela-Speicher-Photography-HIGHRES-7477.jpg”. Please do not change the color, display as low resolution/pixilated (for web), change the file name, or crop into the images.


Email questions to