May 23, 2015

My shoot with Stacey Marie was an absolute dream to shoot. Although the Pittsburgh landscape is gorgeous with its rolling hills and leafy trees, I always become inspired by a new fresh environment. That’s exactly what Phipps Conservatory gave me. A new and exciting scene with palm trees, cactus, and exotic flowers as far as the eye could see. I’ve never been to L.A. but I kept getting some very strong L.A. vibes and it felt great that I only have to travel 15 minutes from home to get those vibes.

This was my first time working with Stacey and I gotta say, this girl nailed it. At times I found myself shooting from across the room halfway buried in a palm tree and not being able to give a lot of direction, but thankfully Stacey knew just what to do and did so with grace and style. Besides her amazing modeling abilities, she also has some of the raddest hair I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. One side of her head is shaved and it can be worn to the side to be exposed or with a middle part to be covered. Talk about versatility.

We started off by shooting some studio looks and went to Phipps to shoot some boho looks. My favorite outfit of the day included a gorgeous wine colored dress from Anthropologie. The red hue stuck out among all of the layers of green surrounding the model. Special thanks to my stylist Teeara for being able to get this dress for the shoot! We ended the day with some edgier looks outside of Phipps that created a well rounded set of images, backgrounds, and wardrobe.

Surreal day that resulted in some dreamy images, can’t get much better than that.


Photographer: Kaela Speicher Photography

Model: Stacey Marie Stockdill

Hair: Colton DeLong

Makeup: Shana Lohr

Wardrobe: Teeara Doner